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Categories & Prices

Current offer – pay no joining fee

Our membership year runs from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

The above rates for playing members includes your KGU & England Golf affiliation fees. 

Additional fees to be added on to the above: £50.00 on your Club Card and £2.00 Liability Insurance (Club Card fee is not applicable for Juniors).

All rates depend on payment methods

Joining Procedures

Contact our General Manager on tel: (0) 1622 738 198, email: office@bearstedgolfclub.co.uk.

Or click download our Membership Application Form, then print, complete and return.

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Full Golf Membership
£1,200.00 p.a.
Five Day Golf Membership
£1,020.00 p.a.
Intermediate Golf Membership
Age 19 = £160.00, then increasing by £60.00 per annual age increase up to Age 30 = £820.00 Age 31 = £895.00, then increasing by £75.00 per annual age increase up to Age 34 = £1,120.00
Junior Golf Membership
Aged 9 to 13 years - £50.00 p.a. Aged 14 to 18 years - £100.00 p.a.
Social Membership
£100.00 (inclusive of VAT) Social members are entitled to use the Clubhouse, have a bar card to benefit from a 15% discount on refreshments, attend Club social functions, invite family & friends to the Club, and hire the restaurant and lounge bar for private functions